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Here's my list of my pick of 100 of the best titles I'm played in my years.

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100. Ghost N' Goblins. system:NES. Publisher:Capcom Release: October 14,1986.
When Capcom first signed on with Nintendo in February 1986, they envisioned on a simple market field of 3rd party programming, but after seeing the likes of Konami,HAL, and the now defunct Tradewest they decide that there was alot of competition  in the 3rd party market. So with Ghost N' Goblins came the company's U.S. debut on a home console.
Ghost N' Goblins iteslf is a solid platformer and arcade port and a solid hit for Capcom. You play Jake a knight who must rescue his girlfriend Trixie from zombies sounds lame huh?
No. Not really, gameplay is uptight and tedious(hey its a first generation NES titles its supossed to be hard.) In short GNG is merly a stepping stone for Capcom that was light years ahead of its time and away from Resident Evil, so although its funny to remeber the day that this was out, its sad to know how rare cartridge is and thats its basically forgotten. Score 7.5
99. Track n' Field System:NES. Release: December 1,1987 Publisher: Nintendo/Konami.
The first title of the Track N' Field series was published by Nintendo not by Konami the programmer of the franchise,the first TNF had only a few mini game events and a low replay value. Score 6.5
98. MouseTrap System: ColecoVision. Release: September 9,1982.
The ColecoVision was the Dreamcast of its day, even though it didn't stick around very long, it managed to produce a handfull of good games and arcade ports. One of its better puzzle titles was "Mousetrap" a crazy,zany and very fun Pac'man like game.
The object is to guide a couple of mice into a maze away from a vicious cat. You can earn up to 10,000 points  in a level and 100 bonus points for each mouse,but as the levels progress, they get harder and harder and harder as the mice mutitiply and mazes get more tough but the replay value isn't very high, but good though.
And Mousetrap is also one of the major highlights of a system that left too early. Score 8.5.
97. NBA JAM T.E. System:Genesis,Super NES Publisher: Midway. Release: Febraury 28,1994.
"Oh My.! He's on fire!" shouts the annoucer in NBA JAM Tournmnet Edtion. NBAJAM was an major hit arcade title that was ported to the 16 bit consoles in early 1994.
But NBA JAM was just any basketball game. Midway's NBA title introduced arcade syle b-ball with the use of turbo mode,flaming balls, slam dunks that broke glass and superhuman dunks.
All these featured hidden characters like: President Clinton, Will Smith, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J and many others. The #3 best selling game of 1994.
96. Super Monaco GP System: Arcade Publisher: SEGA Release: June 1979.
At the time that this game was released SEGA founder Dave Rosen had spent the last 25 years releasing sound arcade games in Japan and even managed to release  a ping-pong title in Japan that Atari knew nothing about. So in 1979 Rosen opened an office on western soil in San Francisco, Cailfornia and then released a totally impressive 8 bit racing game that wowed Americans. Score 8.0
95. Mickey Mania. System:SNES,Genesis,SEGA CD. Publisher: Sqauresoft. Release: September 1994.
In 1994, Sony Imagesoft made to bold annoucenments: 1. they were changing thier name to Sqauresoft and 2. that they were entering the console market. Even though they admired Sony's ambition of changing thier name,everybody thought that sony was crazy to think that they could release a console. One of the final batch of the company's 3rd party games was "Mickey Mania"  a solid and very challenging platformer. the game itslfe is fun,but feels a little rushed like Sony was so desperate to release it.
And when Mickey Mania was released in September 1994,there was alot of strong arm promotion behind it so it only enjoyed brief success and as for Sony well the rest is history. Score 8.0
94. Donkey Kong Country. System: SNES. Publisher: Nintendo/Rare. Release: July 5,1994.
DKC makes the list, not because its a great game, but because it helped the SNES catch to the Genesis. The game itself was unveiled at CES 1994 in May '94. The project begin in early 1993 when Nintendo begin to look for a way to catch up to Sonic who was on top of the world. British first party developer Rareware came to the rescue with  "Donkey Kong Country" a platformer starring a whole new generation of DK characters. The game looked amazing with 32 bit like graphics FMV rich and was loaded with Super FX custom graphics chips.
But did it play great? Yes and No. Although the game looked marvelous, the inbox design made control uptight and finicky and gameplay very tedious and difficult and even though you could save your progress,you hade to go through 7 levels of hell before you can save your games.
But even with these problems,none of them hurt sales of the game. The amazing Graphics and the fact that Sonic & Knuckles wasn't released yet are factors that helped DKC dominate the summer of 1994. Even after S&K was released on October 18,1994, the late release,$60 price tag and sonic 3 being rushed out caught gamers off guard and S&K trailed behind DKC at #2 and at this point it looked like Nintendo had won. Not quite. SEGA still had one more trick up thier sleeve. On November 1,1994 two weeks after S&K was released, SEGA cut down the price to $40 and offered a buy-one-get-one free deal with Sonic 3 being free with the purchase of S&K ,and S&K caught up with DKC taking the #1 spot in the holiday season of 1994. score 7.0

93.Klax System: NES, Genesis. Publisher: Tengen. Release. September 18,1990.

Klax was a puzzle game released by Atari, it was a last ditch effort to counter Tetris and it did. The Genesis version is very rare. Score 8.0

92. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game. System: Arcade. Publisher: Konami. Release: April 19,1989.

When TMNT a comic book series created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman debuted on CBS as a  T.V. mini series in September 1985 it was never imagined as a phenominal franchise, but in 1987 when it became a saturday morning T.V.  it was a fad that would last a near decade. In 1989 at the height of Turtlemania,Konami commissioned thmeselves to to do an arcade game starring those heroes in a half shell. TMNT is a four player beat 'em up that has the brothers out to rescue April O' Neal from the Evil Shredder in 12 levels of mayhem filled with beatiful FMV graphics,awesome sound, and loads of challenges are what made TMNT a hot selling smash with 850,00 units sold alone with most of them being sold to Chuck E. Cheeses across America. It's really funny though that TMNT was never ported to the SNES because this was a game made for it. score 8.5

91. Zero Wing  System: Genesis/Mega Drive. Publisher: SEGA/Testplan. Release: May 1991. Note: The following will be written in poor puncuation and bad spelling.

All your base are belong to us qoute fomuos line: from game zero win this geneisss game was released in may 1991 it fun game becous it have kool level and solids shoting but what fun about game is it bad japneeese tranlatan the thin that they say make not sense somebody set us up the bomb  I cant beleive what happen cats say I had may chance to survive make your tine it sound like it were translead by 5 yer olde the progammer screw up bady and dieloge that the develop call themselves topla when it called Testplan. Score 7.0

90. Super Mario World System: Super NES. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: April 20,1991.

The original SNES title was released during the Spring CES in April 1991. Before it was finished , it had amazing level design a immpressive depth of gameplay and over 14 different  colored Yoshis' but when ir was completed the mario 1 life cycle was restored,gameplay was changed from fun to boring and 10 Yoshis' were removed.But the reason SMW is on here is because it was packaged witha a SUPER NES brand new in August 1991 and because its not really a bad game,it's just not a very good platformer that was outsold by Sonic The Hedgehog. Oh and if you think your gonna find Super Mario Bros. 2 on this countdown, think again. Score 5.5.

89. Blades Of Steel System: NES. Publisher: Ultra Games/Konami. Release: Febraury 14,1989

In 1988, devloper Ultra Games Konami's subsary programmed the very first "real" hockey game, the game "Blades Of Steel" had all the U.S. NHL hockey teams and strong arm promotion from Wayne Gretsky. BOS was true hockey unlike "Ice Hockey" released for Atari 2600 in 1980 and the almost realistic but not quite "NES Hockey". BOS allowed real graphics,real good music, and real gameplay. I know your getting tired of me saying real but that's how they promoted it.

One more thing that made BOS so real was "brawling" you could now fight with other teams! A true hockey classic and a top 10 seller in 1989. Score 8.5

88. Twisted Metal System: Playstation. Publisher: SCEI. Release: September 9,1995. Back in 1995, U.S. gamers were scratching thier heads about Sony wordering if they had what it took to compete in the console market. After PSone trailed behind the Saturn in Japan, Americans wondered how Sony could surivive  even though the Saturn got off to a poor start in the U.S. When Sony launched Playstation in America they had eight games to go with it. One of the better action titles that launched alongside was "Twisted Metal" a 3D car shooter that introduced alot of new things that gamers had never seen before,Arenas,Storylines,Characters and V.S. battle. The graphics themselves wre impressive in 1995 but crap by today's standards.

The object of TW is to blow up every car in the arenas,once you do you fight Minion,after you defeat Minion you get an ending with Calypso the master of the contest who's endings range from sad to bizzare, TW is a classic and a game that should be treasured forever. Score 9.0


"Yo Noid" was released as a promotional game for Domino's Pizza in 1990.

87. YO NOID! System: NES. Publisher: Capcom/Domino's Pizza. Released: April 17,1990.
1989 was a great year for Domino's Pizza,they opened up 1,500 new stores and was #1 in resteraunt retail so they decided to do something that they hoped would build the franchise,they had a game made by Capcom. YO NOID! is a solid platformer  starring that sorely missed mascot "The Noid" released on April 17,1990, YO NOID! has The Noid delivering Domino's Pizzas in 10 New York City locations,the object is to get to the end while fighting off bad guys with your Yo Yo and facing off against other envious noids in pizza eating contests. The AI iteslf cheats alot, a whole bunch and the game is quite addictive but irritating. When the game was released Domino's Pizza offered if free with 12 Deliveries. But YO NOID! never really caught on as Domino's PIzza was forced to pull the NOID ads in 1991. But YO NOID! remains in my distant memory. Score 7.5
86. Mega Man. System: NES. Publisher: Capcom. Release: November 18,1986.
The first Mega Man game isn't as hard as everbody says it is, It's just sort of bland.not bad. The blue bomber's debut traces back to Japan in late 1985 when Ito Okawa designed the character Rockman named for Rock N' Roll. Mega Man only has six robot masters unlike the offical 8 in the later games. Rockman was renamed Mega Man for the U.S. market because Rock was considered too pretentious. When Mega Man was released in the west in late 1986(the 1987 Copyright infringmnet is a clearical error.)It was a shooter basically ahead of its time and became a top 5 hit in 1986. But nobody I mean nobody knew what was in store for the series. Score 6.5
85. SNORKS System: NES. Publisher: Nintendo/Husdon Soft Release: October 10,1985. Remeber the Snorks?Remeber those cute muticolored sea creatures? Remember All-Star,Casey,Junior,Matilda,Jo-Jo? Okay I guess you don't. But this delight Smurf spinoff had its on charm and managed to become successfull, but it didn't gain the fanbase it deserve. Still these little sea buddies played an important role in launching the NES in the fall of 1985. They appeared in Super Mario Bros.(the hidden -1 level.) and in thier own game!SNORKS: The Video Game was a trackball game that although its hard to find evidence of the game it did exist.
The gameplay was just like "MouseTrap" except that the level design was much more detailed and you helped protect the SNORKS from evil snorkeaters while guiding  grey ball across the maze. Although the game launched with the NES, there were only a few thousand copies made and is the "rarest NES game ever" even more rare than "Kid Icarius" But I know that you remember the theme song. Score 6.5
84. Awesome Possum. System: Genesis. Publisher: SEGA/Tengen(Atari) Release: November 9,1993.
"Awesome Possum kicks Dr. Machino's butt!" is the theme song to "Awesome Possum" a forgotten platformer that I will never forget because of one thing "This dude had a BIG mouth." Back in the day, Yoshi,Mario and Sonic didn't talk on thier 2D platformers but Awesome did, alot. This game contained a special voice chip that enabled him to say more than 1500 words. So Awesome talked whenever he jumped,moved,died and fell,also to test yor skills about the ecology you were quizzed by some very nasty looking animals, if you answered correctly you earned 10,000 points. Moreover Awesome Possum was quite the game of it's day,sort of like a video game one hit wonder and is too complex to be remade today. Score 8.5
83. Bezerk.  System : Atari 2600. Publsiher: Atari. Release:March 13,1981
Bezerk is a shoot em' up,an infamous and controversal game that raised the question: Are video games really safe? You play a man who kills robots with ovices. The object is kill as many as you can in less than a minute, if you don't all on time a weird smiley face named "Otto" comes out of nowhere and kills you wlie playing ominous music. Bezerk itself is a gmae that has been beaten by a few because of its insane difficulty. It was called "Bezerk" because the name is a understatment it will drive you "Bezerk!" Bezerk is famous for being the only game that killed somebody. In August 1981,19 year old Oklahoma university student Jeff Dailey died from a heart attack after playing Bezerk and in March 1982, 18 year old Brian Mason in Ohio suffred a fatal heartattack after an intense Bezerk session. Score 7.0
82. Aladdin. System: Genesis,SNES Purblisher: Virgin Games. Release: April 13,1993.
In 1992, Virgin games set out to make history. Make a movie licensed title that didn't suck while E.T.,Back To The Future and Days of Thunders all sucked. Virgin crossed thier fingers hoping they could pull it off and they did with Disney's Aladdin a fun,addictive and totally cool platformer,amazing gameplay,design and loads of secrets made Aladdin a successful hit. Score 9.0
81. Kid Icarius. System: NES. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: Februrary 18,1986
The story of this rare NES platform/RPG title begin in 1985 when Miyamoto begin work on the Legend of Zelda, Nintendo wanted an RPG title released when Zelda was in development. So Kid Icarius was released in Japan in December 1985 and the U.S. in February 1986.
This RPG/Platformer had unique levels and items and plus introduced the password system for saving progress,in the days before backup memory in cartridges,passwords were the way to go. Though Kid Icarius was a solid hit, "The Legend of Zelda" was even bigger and Nintendo decided that Kid Icarius didn't need a sequel and to this day a sequel hasn't been made. Score 8.0
80. Mario Paint System: Super Nes. Release: November 17,1992 Publisher: Nintendo.
Way back in the early 1990s, ninentdo had some of the most innovative ideas for the Super NES. One of the more forgotten ones is "Mario Paint" a PC like interactive game starring Mario! In Mario Paint you select a program that allows you to play a selected mini game, the mini games you play are: Swat The Misquito", "Character Cells", fun with Music,jump,Jump, and Jump, Hide N' Seek and many others. In fun with Music,you could compose your own Midi's(This was in the days befor the Internet.) In Hide N' Seek your job was to find Yoshi(this mini game was later released as a game for the abominable Phillips CDi)Overall Mario Paint is a fun, innovative nad interactive game,but for Nintendo, manufacturing the game was more expensive than they thought bumping the price tag to a scary price of $70! This and the fact that Sonic 2 was released about that time led to Mario Paint being overlooked in the gaming world and the inclusion of a mouse didn't help maters either and Mario Paint soon faded away into video game history and isn't even mentioned by Nintendo fanboys of today. Score 9.0
79. Bonk's Adventure System: TurboGraphix16. Publisher:NEC. Release: September 15,1989
When NEC launched thier system the "Turbo Graphix16", they falsely marketed it as a 16-bit system and released a mascot that they assumed could take on Mario named "Bonk" the caveboy. Bonk's Adventure is a solid and well done 8 bit platformer that allowed you to kill enemies by crushing them with your head. Did I mention that he can fly? 8 levels had you rescue his girlfriend and battle loads of bad guys. Though Bonk's Adventure is a solid platformer, it paled in comparison to "Super Mario Bros.3" which was unstoppable and the "Turbo Graphix16" ended up failing and NEC dissapeared as quickly as they came with Bonk. Score 8.5
78. Altered Beast System: Genesis. Publisher: SEGA. Release: September 1,1989.
When SEGA launched the Sega Master System in the U.S. in September 1986 they hoped to have some success and they did but when they released the SEGA Genesis the world's first 16 bit game system, they embarked on a quest to defeat the NES(Nintendo Entertainment System.). Of course the Genesis was 16 bit and availible two weeks before "Turbo Graphix16" and hade a nice collection of arcade ports. One of the better launch titles and the flagship title before Sonic was "Altered Beast" a fun albeit short punch-kick platformer, you play Axe a greek warrior Who's risen back from the dead to save a god's daughter. Axe starts off as a young robust man but as he collects flying objects he "powers up" if he collects three he transforms into a beast; five different were animals: Wolf,Eagle,Bear,Tiger,Golden Werewolf. The screen scrolls. As it does you are to kill zombies, once you find "Sy" demon, he turns into a monster as long as your a were animal. But once you defeat him he steals your objects. There are 5 levels,that's it only 5. But the replay value is very high. Altered Beast did become a hit but it still couldn't stop SMB3 and for the first two years of its life, the Genesis would be in second place,until a spiked blue Hedgehog changed everything. Score 9.0
77. TMNT 3. System: NES. Publisher: Konami. Release: Janaury 1,1992.
In 1991, after churning out two crappy NES TMNT titles Konami developed TMNT 3:The Manhattan Project. This new TMNT title got a late release,but it introduced a new way to plat TMNT. Unlike seek n' find TMNT for NES and the poorly arcade port in TMNT 2, TMNT 3 allowed players to prefrom special attacks on enemies when they only have one chunk of life left also the difficulty from TMNT 2 is toned but boss fights are still tough. There are 8 magic NES number levels. Each contains a hole that you can fall in and lose energy. Though TMNT 3 was a sign of something hopeful for the series it wasn't until later that year that  the antiscipated TMNT 4 was released on Super Nintendo in September 1992. Score 7.5
76. Shenmue System: Dreamcast. Publisher: SEGA/AM2 Release: November 7,2000"My name is Ryu Suzuki. Since the death of my father at hand of Won ni I've been on a quest of vengence!" From the RPG/RTS epic Shenmue. Why do great games always get overlooked?! Is the question I'm asking about Shenmue a beautiful RTS game that SEGA worked really hard on. You play Ryu Suzuki a 19 year old kung fu master out to avenge the death of his father by the triads. It's the year 1986 in Osaka, Japan (SEGA of Japan) and Ryu begins to search. In the game you talk to people(like an RPG)The battle system revolutionary,when you up to an enemy, the trigger button will signal you to press "A" to preform attack. Ryu's love interest is Misome a 16 year old school student. Shenmue itself is a great game but when it was released in November 2000 it was unfairly ignored and overlooked by everybody. Still it deserves reconition and accliam. Score 8.5
75. Thousand Arms System: Playstation(U.S.), Saturn(Japan) Publisher: Atlus Release: September 7,1999.
I'm sure alot of RPG fans out there are asking me to include Final Fantasy,Phantasy Star and Zelda on this countdown I will later, don't worry. First before we start on Final Fantasy let's take a look back at a RPG that hardly anyone knows.
"Thousand Arms" Thousand Arms is no oridinary RPG game it's something very common in Japan and rare here in the U.S. a dating sim! In TA you select a group of females to be part of your party and then you persuade them to fight enemies by going out with the girls. The diolouge is really weird and dry, they seem to be impressed with you. The content is of course high school level. The graphics are clean,the music is beautiful and the anime art is breathtaking, but the battle themselves are tedious,you can only get new characters if your party wants to fight. The characters are kawaii and likeable and the game gets really exciting. It's very easy to see why "Thousand Arms" was forgotten, it was too ahead of its time and anime hadn't really hit mainstream yet but still TA is on the list because its a game that only appears every so "blue moon"(no pun intended because there was a blue moon on March 30, 1999.) Score 7.5
74. Mike Tyson's Punch Out System: NES Publisher: Nintendo Release: May 26,1987
In 1987 Nintendo was trying to find a way to promote the NES into the entertainment industry,they did so by deciding to include the then heavyweight champion "Mike Tyson" in thier Remake of "Punch-out" a 1985 NES title. In Mike Tyson's punch out you play a kid, a rookie boxer trying to make it big as he squares off against some very tough fighters! The reffere is Mario who makes a bleep noise when the round is over,once you defeat all the fighters you sqaure off against Mike Tyson himself  who can beat beat you in one punch. Score 7.0
73. Virtua Fighter 2 System: Saturn Publisher: SEGA/AM2 Release: October 17,1995
VF2 was a unique arcade style 3D fighter that was raved by critics of every kind and revolutionary in hand to hand compat,the game itself hit #1 despite the slow sales of the Saturn and is hailed as one of the better Saturn games realeased in the U.S. Score 8.0
72. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. System: Arcade,Super NES,Genesis, SEGA CD. Publisher: Capcom. Release: March 5,1991(Arcade) November 12,1991(SNES) November 3,1992 SFII:Turbo(SNES) May 11,1993 SFII:Special Champion Edition(Genesis)
The Street Fighter II franchise has lasted for many years and traces back to 1987 when Capcom released "Street Fighter" a Double Dragon clone, after it was ignored by "Double Dragon" fanatics in the U.S., Capcom went back to the drawing board with "Street Fighter 2010" a lame and lackluster platformer released for the NES in 1990. After the Street Fighter 2010 debacle, Capcom decided to turn the series around into a arcade fighting game, this equaled gold!SFII was released in March 1991 and allowed players to fight against 8 different characters from different parts of the world and fight four bosses,the characters had the ability to shoot fireballs,the AI is a cheater and the controls are rough,the the game was revolutionary and millions of teens flocked to play it. In November 1991,the game was ported to the Super NES and unfortunely suffered a bad slowdown  and by the SFII was released on SNES, SFII:Hyper Fighing made it into the arcades,it would be another year before Hyper Fighting would be released on the SNES as SFII: Turbo in November 1992,this port SFII: Turbo allowed gamers to play as the bosses,pick the same character with different colored costume, and removed the terrible slowdown from SFII. But around that time  Capcom fell in love with SEGA and released  an exclusive version of hyper fighting called"Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition" for the Genesis in May 1993. so Capcom begin a love affair with Sega because SFII: SCE allowed the turbo mode to go up to eight instead of six in the SNES version.
For a while after Capcom released Super Street Fighter: The NEW challengers for SNES,Genesis and SEGA CD in May 1994,everyone assumed that Capcom couldn't count to three. Street Fighter III was finally released in the arcades in 1996 and for SEGA Dreamcast as a double pack (SFIII:Thrid Strike and SF:III Second Impact.) in 2000. Score 8.0.
71. Super Mario Land  System: Gameboy. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: October 17,1989
When Nintendo launched the Gameboy  on Valentines Day 1989, they hoped to be able to bring Tetris to the mainstream, but knowning that Mario was always marketable, they released "Super Mario Land" a game that nobody knew about,SML is a platfomrer of a different kind using sprites from Mario 2 and using the Mario life cycle but gameplay is very well balanced, did I mention that Mario  can fly? He can fly inside a small plane! I enjoyed SML more than I enjoyed SMB2 and found it to be very addictive. Though Super Mario Land is a wonderful platformer and not only coincidently was released on the day of the San Francisco Earthquake(Which I was in), it would have been a blockbuster had it been released a year earlier,SML was released right on the heels of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Nintendo didn't realize that not only Mario 3 was unstoppable but even another Mario game couldn't stand up to Mario 3. And so SML was overlooked by everyone, but Nintendo didn't give up and released a sequel 3 years later. Score 8.5
70. Sonic Heroes System: Xbox, Playstation 2,Gamecube. Publisher: SEGA Release: January 27,2004
"It's time for some new heroes. Sonic Heroes,12 heroes, 4 teams, makes for one new game that never gets old!" That was the add for Sonic Heroes SEGA's first mutiplatformer game that has so far been met with mixed reviews both loved and loathed and strong worldwide sales and is the 3rd ranked best selling game of 2004. Sonic Heroes isn't a execellent game, noir is it a great game, it's a wonderful platformer that you'll get or don't. The object is to control 3 characters with three different abilities, Speed,Power and Fly,each team has a special way of earning "A" rankings. Team Sonic must beat the level in 5 minutes or less, and Team Dark just defeat all enemies, Team Rose just has to beat the level in 10 mintues or less. But Team Choatix must defeat all enemies and the level in 5 minutes or less. The graphics are bland, the storylines are weak, and the voice acting is very lame. All console versions look the same but play different, the XBOX version is more balancing, with better control, the Gamecube version was the one that fans leaned over to, and the PS2 suffers from framrate problems but that didn't stop it form selling well. Sonic Heroes is a must have game, though Sonic isn't exactly there yet, he's headed in the right direction. Score 8.5 GC version, 9.0 Xbox version. 6.5. PS2 version.
69. Mega Man 2 System: NES. Publisher: Capcom Release: December 8,1987.
The blue bomber's sequel followed a year after Mega Man was released. It introduced a new why for fans to get around. You now fight not 6 but eight robot masters, the level design for Rockman 2 is much more detailed now the stages actually look like something. Each weapon has a name unlike Rockman 1. Just like MMI the pause/resume button works but you now have passwords to save your levels.  In gameplay for MM2, its much better and the boss battles are quick and persuasive. Mega Man 2 proved to be even bigger than its predesessor ranking #3 as the best selling game of 1988 but Super Mario .3 caught MM3 off guard and as a result wouldn't be released until 1990. Score 8.0
68. Super Mario Kart  System: SNES. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: June 19,1992
In nineteen ninety two, Nintendo made a bold decision concerning thier next Mario title, that due to Sonic 2 being on the horizon Nintendo released Super Mario Kart in the early summer of 1992 rather than thanksgiving. SMK is a go kart game the very first of its kind to be released,you can race with up to 8 drivers on 8 different tracks, each driver has different syle, Mario is well balanced,Yoshi is fast! But he can slip when slowing down. The AI is cheap very cheap, when you don't expect it, it pulls a cheap shot on you. Also the AI will rip you off by attacking you without warning. The soundtrack is excellent with awesome especially in Rainbow Road and Mario Circuit. SMK ranked #2 in 1992 just behind Sonic 2 and two sequels were made for later systems, Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart Double Dash which will appear on this countdown later. Score 7.5
67. Sonic Spinball. System: Genesis. Publisher: Sega of America. Release: November: November 23,1993.
In the age where Sonic was king and anything with his name ensured strong sales, Sega of America decided on a project. They asked Yuji Naka who was at Sega Technical Institute if he could make them a Sonic game for the American market while SEGA of Japan was busy with other Sonic games. When SEGA saw the outpouring of Sonic titles they marketed Thanksgiving 1993 as "Sonic's Thanksgiving mania" with the release of three Sonic games, Sonic Spinball,Sonic Chaos and Sonic CD. Sonic Spinball is the very first Sonic game developed by an American team of programmers led by Yuji Naka and is reguarded as one of the most difficult ever because it has been beaten by a few, 1/3 of Sonic fans. Sonic Spinball is a pinball game/platformer you play as Sonic,only Sonic.
The object is to rack up thousands and thousands of points while collecting 3 emeralds to beat the level. There are five levels, the final boss is impossible. I beat the game myself by cheating entering the stage select code. Sonic Spinball took the #5 spot for best selling game of 1993 and is less reguarded by fans itself. Score 6.0
66. Castle Of Illusion   System: Genesis. Publisher: SEGA. Release: May 7,1991.
A month before they released Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega released this platformer, the calm before the storm "Castle Of Illusion" starring Mickey Mouse who must save Minnie from an evil soccerer. There are only 6 levels,you can throw apples at enemies and can swing from vines,although Castle Of Illusion is addictive its a rather bland platformer that pales in conparison to Sonic The Hedgehog but still deserves a look and at the time givin' the choice between this and Super Mario World I choose Castle of Illusion, give me Mickey Mouse anyday. Score 7.5
65. Mega Man 4. System:NES. Publisher: Capcom. Release: April 26,1991
I know, I know another damn Mega Man game(pardon my foul language.), I'm not gonna say much about this except that MM4 has the same elements as MM3 with a new addition of "Beat" the robot bird. But isn't bad and it is fun but unfortunely at this point people were starting to tire from the series. But the Super Gameboy version which is very rare is alot more enduring. Score 7.5
64. Gradius.  System:NES. Publisher: Konami. Release: October 14,1986.
Konami's first American release on a console was "Jackal" released in April 1986. Gradius was a 2D space shooter, Konami's anwser to Defender. And is I might add is a very hard game that hardly anyone has beaten. Score 6.5
63. Disney's Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers. System: NES. Release: April 11,1989  Publisher: Capcom.
Capcom obtained the rights to Disney oreinted games in 1987. They first released Duck Tales in then in 1989 released this cartridge classic: Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers. Now the 1988 Saturday morning cartoon wasn't a very good one itself and was moved to the Disney Afternoon in the fall of  1989. This game is a classic because it introduced something that was ahead of its time: Tag Team gameplay. In this game you can play as both Chip and Dale(chimunk detectives.)or Chip alone or Dale alone. It's better to play with a buddy. Both Chip and Dale can lift objects and can throw them at enemies, thier energy bar is amde up of hearts. If you collect hearts more hearts will be added to your life bar. Also, the levels cross over the magic number of eight, because there's not 9 but 10 levels! Indicated by Alphabet letters A through J. Though you can't play as Gadet mouse or Monterey Jack this is still an important piece of history a rare gem too, and a joy that must not be passed up. Score 9.5
62. Double Dragon. System: NES. Release: October 27,1987. Publisher: Tradewest.
The story of this beat 'em franchise begin in 1985 when a small San Rafael based developer named "Tradewest" programmed a 16 bit arcade game they nicknamed "Jim & Lee". In 1987, the arcade game was ported to the NES to gain a wider audience. In the game Double Dragon you and a freind play as Jim and Lee two brothers out to rescue Jim's girlfriend "Roxanne" from the evil ganglord "Knuckles"(not to be confused with Knuckles from Sonic The Hedgehog). Both Jim and Lee can preform feats of superhuman strength while they kick some "double team arse". You and a buddy roam through 10 levels beating the crap out of hoodlums with lead pipes,whips,Jimmy sticks,garbage cans and other types of street weapons. Gameplay is great, control is uptight and even though this is lame by today's standards, fond memories of me playing this game will always be with me. Double Dragon proved to be very successful because "1987" itself was a macho year. Two err.....three sequels followed but none of them were sucessful as the first and "Tradewest" no longer exists today, but still Double Dragon is a trip to the genres of yesteryear. Score 8.5
61. Gradius III. System: Super NES. Release: August 8,1991. Publisher: Konami
Now this is one of my my personal favorites and the first on this countdown to get a perfect 10! After gaining moderate success with Gradius and Gradius II in 1986 and 1988, Konami reached the point of no return with the Super Nintendo launch title: "Gradius III". Gradius III itself stands alone from the first two, because its an excellent game and one of the better SNES launch titles and might be the greatest game of 1991. Okay I'm done ranting about how perfect Gradius III is. First of all you now have the ability to pick up 12 different weapons,you can use anytime,each level begins in space in then ends up in a beatiful landscaped world. There are nine levels and a hidden one that you get if you beat it on hard mode. Also the pilot talks everytime he gains a weapon and you also have unlimited continues! In short Gradius III is a classic. A must have and extraordinary game that shouldn't be overlooked. Score 10.
60. Sonic Adventure 2. System: Dreamcast. Release: June 19,2001. Publisher: SEGA/Sonic Team.
Though the Dreamcast console did well in the U.S. and U.K. it's failure in Japan caused Sega of Japan to go bankrupt and ended the Dreamcast in what has been labeled one of the darkest moments in gaming history, Sega released Sonic Adventure 2 the sequel to the 1999 smash hit Dreamcast launch title among the thousands of heartbroken and horrified gamers.
Sonic Adventure 2 was the 10th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog. The platfomer was combined with RTS style gameplay, the story which is probably one of the best in a platforming games ever. The evil Dr. Eggman has made plans to build an weapon on the moon called "Cannon Core" and wants to collect chaos emeralds to power it, he enlists two new characters to help him both which have become fan favorites Shadow a mysterious black Hedgehog who keeps framing Sonic for crimes that the blue blur didn't commit, and Rouge the Bat a skilled treasure hunter and Spy for the govenment(Which Eggman does not know.)She, like Miles "Tails" Prower has gained a high opposite sex fanbase. Each character is divided up into two teams: Hero and Dark,  who share the same abilities and take turns with levels. Sonic/Shadow are runners, Knuckles/Rouge are hunters and Miles/Eggman are shooters. The learning curve for this game takes a shortwhile and missions can be quite painful. The Sonic/Shadow stages are pretty fun and sometimes tedious, though Rouge's stages are pretty big they aren't very hard and actually quite easy. Although the new characters get some slack cut, our favorite characters are treated unfairly, Miles the two tailed fox is now unfairly tossed in a stupid machine no longer free to roam and Knuckles The Echidna is turned from a fan favorite to a like him or hate him character as his levels are huge!So big they suck. The graphics are immmpresive and nearly take the Dreamcast to the limit. There are five missions: 1. Complete level. 2. Collect 100 rings!. 3. find a lost chao with your mystic melody item that you obtain later in the game. 4. Beat level within a time limit. 5. Clear hard more. You are ranked for you missions by a letter" A" for the highest or "E" for the lowest. If you complete all missions you get to unlock a hidden level "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic 1. If you earn all "A" ranks you unlocked hidden characters for 2 player V.S. mode. The worst part of SA2 is the camera. Baka. Baka. Idio! Stupid Stupid Idiotic camera! The angles are so bad that they are worse than SA1 and are atrocious as the Japanese SA version. Plus the sountrack isn't very flattering and doesn't even come close to SA1. So in the end SA2 didn't live up to its hype debuting in the U.S. top 10 and selling well but didn't become a blockbuster and quicky fell from the charts and it like the Dreamcast, died. The Dreamcast was mourned and Sega fans turned to Xbox for comfort while some Sega fans were duped into buying a Gamecube. and SEGA meanwhile took a  downward spril into a depressing era of doing nothing but releasing crappy rehases and lame ports for Gamecube such as Sonic Adventure 2: battle a souped up version of SA2 which did even worse than SA2,Sonic Mega Collection a poorly made complation title with piss poor extras, Sonic Adventure: DX  a very lame arse port of the Dreamcast launch title that was ignored and overlooked by the gaming world as if it were an insult to Dreamcast. In the End it took a saturday morning anime cartoon, a muticonsole Sonic game,Sega pushing its mascot on the PS2 and Xbox and a merge with Japanese arcade giant Sammy that would put SEGA back on the map. Score 8.0
59. Mega Man 3. System: NES. Publisher: Capcom. Release: February 12,1990
Man, I've sure reviewed alot of Mega Man titles haven't I, I know your getting tired of them, so am I but Capcom keeps releasing Rockman titles every year, but don't you worry becuase there are only 3 more MM titles titles left on this countdown. Mega Man 3 was big because it was the first Mega Man game to be released after a dry spell that lasted almost three years. In MM3 you now had the aid of Rush the robot dog,who can enable Rock to go wherever he wants. In MM3 after you defeat all of the robot masters you fight Doc Robot who uses the old bosses from MM2. MM3 allows you to have up to nine energy tanks making gameplay a little easier. When Mega Man 3 was released in the U.S. in Early 1990 it became an instant blockbuster but was outdone by Super Mario Bros. 3 who even after a year was still #1 due to the fact that no decent platfomers were released in 1990. the blue bomber had not only reached the highest point of his career but was striving towards the future. Score 9.0
58. Contra. System: NES. Publisher: Konami. Release: June 10,1988.
What do you get when you take Rambo,give him a partner and throw him an a collateral 2D shooter? You get Contra a game that spawned controversy in 1988 In Contra you play as Contra and your friend plays as Mad Dog two army veterans out to kill alien invaders that look like real men. Your job is to and blow up thier headquarters at the end of each stage, in the sky there is always a flying object that contains weapons such as Spray Gun and Machine Gun. Contra itself is a game that stirred controversy because it had guns and parents felt that games shouldn't have any weapons in them but Nintendo did;nt mind as Contra ranked #4 as the best selling game of 1988, also the 30 lives code with help you alot because it you're hit once you die. Score 8.5.
57. Track N' Field II. System: NES. Publisher: Konami. Release: July 5,1988.
Track N' Field II was released on the NES in time for the summer 1988 olympics, it had more mini game events and special mode and passwords but irritating control and a cheatin' A.I. Score 7.0
56. Little Ninja Brothers. System: NES. Publisher: Sammy/Culture Brain. Release: September 18,1990
Little Ninja Brothers is a lame RPG,kinda of like "My Very First RPG" You play Jack and Ryu as a two player team battle game,fighting off Spiders,SD(Super Deformed)baddies and chinese dudes, the battle system is the same ol' same ol' and the game itself pales in comparison to Zelda and Phantasy Star which are both BTW three years older. This RPG does a good job at mocking chinese culture. A game like this deverses reconition. Score 7.5

MK introduced the use of blood as we see here.

55.Mortal Kombat.  Systems: Arcade,Genesis,Super NES,SEGA CD. Publisher: Midway/Acclaim. Release: June 1992, September 13,1993.
Before GTA,Roadkill and Manhunt there was one game that stirred up much controversy throughout much of the early 1990s. The game "Mortal Kombat" introduced the use of in a fighting game. Let's face it. Street Fighter was for incoragables,people wanted ,gore , MK had it all FMV,Polygonal(No,wait I take that back, FMV characters that everytime you hit them they(maybe it was because they had low platlet counts)You also could off in a finishing move such as: pulling out thier spine,your heart, or punching your head off and burning you up. MK was big in the arcades but when it hit the 16-bit consoles in September 1993 it was huge! Each version was different, the Genesis version was like a low budget version and had some bizzare elements but also through a hidden code: A,B,A,C,A,B,B where the words "Get Over Here!" could be heard. The SNES version was edited for and is known as the anemic version with sweat replacing blood . The SEGA CD version was closer to the arcade version and had elements from its 16-bit brother(The SEGA CD was 24-bit BTW)Ironically the Genesis version sold the most copies with the SEGA CD version followed by the SNES version, Joe Liberman of Wisconsin ordered a senate hearing on violent video games promting the Clinton admin to pass a law requiring that all games have a rating, the ESRB formed in early 1994. This enabled MK to obtian the #1 spot for the best selling game of 1993 but the story didn't end there, there were sequels,clones and a major franchise that followed. Score 6.5.(Genesis.) 7.0.(Super NES.) 9.0(SEGA CD.)
54. Super Mario Land 2. System: Gameboy. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: September 22,1992. In the early 1990s Nintendo was beside themselves, the NES was dying very slowly, the Super NES didn't have a good platfomer and Sonic was the thing, after SMW failed to become a blockbuster, Nintendo went back to focus on the gameplay of Super Mario Land a platformer that had be ignored when Super Mario Bros. 3 was released. SML 2 Six Golden Coins combined SML with SMB3 gameplay because after the Mario 2 debacle, Nintendo learned that when making a sequel to a hit platformer its formlua must be as close as its predessor as possible and should never be a remake of another game. The game itself has Mario out to rescue Peach again from a new player in town "Wario" the evil plumber who has stolen the six golden coins that hold magical powers, in Mario Land 2 Mario can yet again fly with rabbit ears, I made a mistake  when I mentioned Mario Land 1, he flys in a small plane in SML in SML2 he flys with rabbit ears. There are 9 worlds not 8 and the gameplay can be a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it its alot of fun. In the end SML2 did alot better than its predessor and even outranked and outsold the 8 bit version of sonic 2. Score 9.5
53. Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose. System: Super NES. Publisher: Konami. Release: October 15,1991. Re-Release: March 1993.
In 1991,Konami released not one but two new  16-bit Tiny Toon Titles after Tiny Toon Adventures was rushed out on the NES in Thanksgiving 1990, Konami decided to release two new Tiny Toon Adventure titles "Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose. and "Tiny Toon Adventures: Busters Hidden Treasure. Based on the hit Fox's kids T.V. series,TTA:BBL and TTA:BHT are remakably simular in gameplay but are still different, TTA:BBL has special level design and gameplay,you basically collect carrots while trying to hoard of villians inside Montana Max's movie studio, you get to meet up with Toon pals like: Plucky Duck,Dizzy Devil,Babs Bunny,Shirley Loon,Littel Beeper,Go Go Dodo,Calamity Coyote, Hamton Pig, Fifi Skunk while avoiding the brain animal lover Elmiyra. Though gameplay is addictive, there are only six levels so the replay value is pretty low but still when compared to Super Mario World is alot better. Score 7.5.
52. Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure. System: Genesis. Publisher: Konami. Release: October 15,1991. Re-Release: June 1993.
Konami had never been fond of SEGA going back to the Frogger incident, even when Nintendo released its 3rd party developers off thier strict  contract, Konami still wouldn't make games for a SEGA console but in 1991 Konami developed BHT and released it alongside its SNES counterpart BBL. Buster's Hidden Treasure has loads to open up unlike BBL, In Buster's Hidden Treasure, there are 13 levels, 10 hidden ones and 130 hidden items,all of the loveable Tiny Toon characters are featured here too. The object is to collect hidden items in the levels,carrots,T.V.s,hams,pizzas,sundaes e.t.c. and write down alot of passowrds for them and the levels. the RTS/platformer gameplay are remenisant of Mario 3.  but when compared to SMB3 is paled. Stil BHT has alot of replay value and along with BBl became a top seller in 1991. Score 8.0
51. Anamainiacs. System: Genesis,Super NES. Publisher: Konami. Release: September 27,1994.
Konami's licensing of Warner Bros. titles goes far back to when it made Tiny Toon Adventure titles, the Anamainiacs game allowed players to switch and toggle characters Yakko,Wakko and Dot. Each level takes place inside the Warner studio, you must not let the guard catch you. In gameplay terms, Anamainiacs was solid in its tag team formula it did enjoy success in 1994 but stayed in the 16-bit era. Still is one of the major highlights of the last good years of the 16-bit market. Score 8.5
50. Sonic Adventure. System: Dreamcast. Publisher: SEGA. Release: September 9,1999.
it was 1999, Sega was willing to try thier hand at the hardware industry after the Sega Saturn proved to be a dismal failure in the U.S. and U.K. and was also determined to make people forget about the 32X debacle. So they planned another console a 128-bit one called "Dreamcast" but while Japan was excited about SEGA's new system because the Saturn succeeded in Japan, SOJ made some very risk decisions that proved to be a mistake by launching the DC in Japan in Thanksgiving 1998 four months earlier than its official February 1999 launch. So SEGA was doomed and it looked like it was time to throw in the towel and become a 3rd party developer. But Sega Of America was confident that even though  the Japanese launched falied they could make the U.S. launch work and it did.
On September 9,1999, Sega pulled off the most successful console launch in history selling 300,000 units in just 24 hours and 400,000 in less than a week with $97 million dollars made. So where was thier mascot Sonic The Hedgehog? On the cutting edge of 3D of course. SEGA had commissioned Sonic Team to do an RPG/platform title for the Saturn but after Dreamcast was annouced it was moved up but SOJ's premature Dreamcast launch caught Sonic Team off guard, and as a result, the game was very buggy and very glitchy. But SOA fixed the problem by asking Sonic Team to fly down to San Fransisco to complete the game. The result? A truly immpressive 3D adventure game. Sonic Adventure plays different, instead of choosing a character you start off as Sonic who unlocks a character everytime he meets them,his level are comprised of running, grabbing rings, and shortcuts. Miles "Tails" Prower stages are racing against Eggman or Sonic,Knuckles(who has the most important part of the story)which is about Eggman trying to release a ancient monster called "Chaos" and Sonic must stop him. Back to Knux,his levels reqiure you to find 3 Master Emerald shards. Amy Rose last seen in the ill-fated Sonic R makes an appearance, her levels are like Sonic's except that you must escape a robot called "Zero" SA also introduced Big the Cat and E-102 Gamma two characters that people don't give a damn about where you have to fish and shoot enemies to gain more time. SA introduced alot of new things, including a slammin' soundtrack,chao creatures you raise,emeblems,action stages and adventure fields places you could explore. The game itself is very easy and not challeging at all, the graphics look okay but not great, the controls are fine and don't have a high learning curve. By beating Sonic Adventure you gained things to do in each action stage a total of 3 missions: Beat the level. Collect 50 rings and beat level and beat level within time limit. The only bad thing about SA the camera its pretty annoying and sometimes if you were in an adeventure field you can fall right of the stage and die. The last thing I need to mention is that once you got all 130 emblems, you got to download free chao mingames from the offical website. In the end, Sonic Adventure became the answer to all the Saturn owners woes becoming a major hit, and although many people bought and played Sonic Adventure, a few small number of people avoided it skepical that it was going to fail just like the Saturn, as for them they missed out on a special treat,but for us it was our cup of tea and as for SEGA it helped but the Saturn fiasco behind them. Score 8.5
49. World Of Illusion. System: Genesis.  Publisher: SEGA. Release: November 17,1992.
Released right on the heels of Sonic 2, World Of Illusion was the sequel to the '91 sleeper hit. But Disney fans will be happy to learn that it's not just Mickey Mouse but Donald Duck too as a tag team duo. Both Mickey and Donald take damage and they fight off bad guys with Magic cards and stuff, there are 10 levels and bosses your job is to obtain the magic stones that increase your power and to solve the puzzles and riddles. Nice graphics,awesome soundtrack and balanced gameplay make "World Of Illusion" worth checking out. Score 8.5
48. TMNT V: The Hyperstone Heist. System: Genesis. Publisher: Konami/SEGA.
They're back! Those green shelled heroes in a half shell are back on this countdown, TMNT V marked the franchise's debut on a Sega console. On Hyperstone Heist, you can control two turtles,each has a special move that can be executed when pressing A+B+C at the same time, each special move takes out your energy. All turtles take the same amount of damage. The level desing is very simular to the arcade game,with sewers,streets and the inside of technodrome. When you fight a boss your shown thier energy bar after you them out, you advance to the next level, once you complete the game you unlock V.S. mode which has you pitted against an opponment. Though TMNT V is a solid beat 'em up, it pales in comparison to TMNT IV for SNES, but still deserves a look and is reguarded as the last great Turtles game before Konami begin churning out bad turtles titles laced with the words "Loathsome Marketing Cash Cow" on it. Score 7.5
47. TMNT IV: Turtles In Time. System: SNES. Publisher: Konami. Release: September 18,1992.
Before big game launches like GTA: San Andreas and Halo 2 back in the 16-bit days,Konami hyped up the big release of TMNT IV the worlds first 16-bit turtles game a port of an arcade title: TMNT: "Turtles In Time." Released on September 18,1992, the game thousands of young kids packed in malls across the country waiting to pick up a copy of the hyped up game. Turtles in time had the most lame idea for a storyline: The statue of liberty has been stolen by Shredder and is its up to those lean green, pizza eating machines to get the lady back. IN TMNT IV there are 9 levels and 3 different diffculties. Each turtle has a special move that can be preformed by pressing Y and X simultaneously like TMNT V and when preformed, your energy will go down. IN TMNT IV, the dudes talk, when you start a level,get hurt,get pizza energy,die,beat the level. There are loads of subtle things in TMNT IV for instance in the earlier TMNT titles you couldn't see the bosses' energy bar, now you can.,plus you used to loss energy whenever you fell into a manhole now you don't. The main thing about TMNT IV is the way you kill foot soldiers because now you can throw them into the T.V. screen,bash them across the pavement, plus in order to get an ending you must beat all three difficulties in order. TMNT IV became a top seller in 1992 ranking #3 and today is looked opon as the best TMNT game title ever. Score 9.0
46. Streets Of Rage 2. System: Genesis. Publisher: SEGA. Release: September 15,1992.
Streets of Rage is actually the American moniker for the Japanese Mega Drive beat 'em up franchise "Bare Knuckle" which achieved success in Japanese the first Streets of Rage game was released on the Genesis in 1991 and was ignored. SOR 2 had 4 characters with 4 special moves and lots of bady guys,Axel,Skate,Blaze and Max were the four playable characters. Axel could make fire from his knuckles,Blaze could shoot fireballs from her hands, Max is a wrestler and Skate is a black kid on wheels who's the younger brother of Alex who's been kidnapped by Mr. X the evil ganglord and can spin like a corkscrew. There are eight levels and each are incredibly long and you get 9 continues, the AI is very challenging and can have punks with oridinary names double team you. You are treated to a special treat after you beat the game with an awesome ending and unlimted continues. In all SOR2 enjoyed moderate success in 1992 promting a 3rd sequel which was released to a disinterested crowd in 1994. Though the series is long gone, its very likely that SEGA will revive it. Score 8.5.

Axel beats the living crap out of a punk.

Sonic Jam is an excellent collection of all four Sonic classics and contains nifty extras.

45. Sonic Jam. System: Saturn. Publisher: SEGA. Release: August 15,1997.
In the heyday of the 32/64 bit era, SEGA was in a tight spot. The Saturn although succeeded in Japan failed to catch on in the west and what was worse is that SEGA had already canned the "Sonic Xtreme" project and the company was beside itself, Sonic just couldn't appear in a good Saturn game so Sonic Team busy with other projects decided to just put together a complation title and used the Genesis emulator the now defunct "Gencyst" to allow the 4 Sonic titles to restore them in thier original form. Though the Saturn could use SEGA CD's code, they decided that Sonic CD was to costly to port to the Saturn so they decided to restore the original Japanese Sonic CD opening and endings.
In Sonic Jam released in Japan on June 20,1997 and in the U.S. on August 15,1997(which were both on fridays), you can play Sonics 1-Sonic & Knuckles and you can also read the instruction manuals for the U.S. and Japanese versions of the games. There is also subtle things: In Sonic 1, you can turn the spin dash on or off which fixes a spike bug found in the original U.S. and Euro version of Sonic 1. In Sonic 3 you can also do the impossible level select code by at least trying and you also get the S&K locks ons too. In this complation you  also have an interactive museum called "Sonic World" where you are free to roam around. You can look at Sonic art,Watch Sonic movie clips at the movie theater with the Sonic animation clip,the opening and ending of the Japanese version of Sonic CD,Sonic Ride an FMV opening for the ill fated "Sonic Crackers" game that was canned, the ads for Sonic O.A.V.(Orignal Video Animation)anime, Japanese ads for Sonic1,Sonic 2,Sonic Chaos(Sonic & Tails),Sonic Triple Trouble,Sonic 3 and Sonic Drift. The U.S. ads were omitted due to licensing aggrements between Sega of America and the actors who had appeared on the U.S. T.V. ads. You can also read about Sonic history. If you get bored you can play Sonic missions s couple of small missions that give you something to do.
In short, Sonic Jam is a gem and one of the best complation titles every made and is very rare too(I still have a copy.) It enjoyed moderate success in the Western hemisphere and Japan(where Sonic games have always enjoyed moderate success execept Sonic CD which went to #1 there.) In 2002 in an atempt to churn out some Dreamcast ports to make money, SEGA released the poorly done Sonic Mega Collection for Nintendo Gamecube, and in late 2004 ported SMC to Xbox and PS2 with a cheaper price and better emulation. Score 9.0
44. Mario Kart 64. System: Nintendo 64. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: September 30,1996.
Super Mario Kart 64 is one of the two cartridges that launched alongside the hard to program,high costing, Japanese flopping console the "Nintendo 64". Mario Kart 64 is the 3rd sequel to the 1992 smash Super NES game "Super Mario Kart"(SMK2 was released for the Super Famicom in Japan only in 1994). The graphics,sound are great so is the balance of gameplay colorful characters and smoothed race tracks. All in all, Mario Kart 64 is a great game and wonderful addition for the small Nintendo 64 library. Score 9.5
43. Nights Into Dreams. System: Saturn. Publisher: SEGA/Sonic Team. Release: September 13,1996.
During the hard times at SEGA of America, SEGA was looking for a way to breathe life into the failing Saturn in the U.S. while Sega Technical Institute was hard at work on the ill fated doomed "Sonic Xtreme", Yuji Naka now back at Sonic Team(he had left Sega of Japan in the early 1990s due to hierarchy breach-of-contract policies and minimal salary.) unleased thier own anwser with "Nights Into Dreams" a beatiful 2D err...3D like platformer that's tight in control but up to par in gameplay you play either Claris or Elliot, each child controls Nights a mixed gender character who flies around collecting blueballs and fights bizzare bosses. Nights Into Dreams has one strong point: A beautiful soundtrack. The music is heartwarming and setimental, plus if you get a high rank of "C" or higher in any dream level the music remixes. With music in Splash Garden, Frozen Bell and Soft Museum you'll swear that this is the greatest game soundtrack of all time as voted by EGM in 1999. Both Claris and Elliot have 3 dream levels before they both face Nightmaren in the catchy music level "Twin Seeds". Nights Into Dreams is a great game, although Nights Into Dreams sold well cracking the top ten in the U.S. in '96 it didn't become the blockbuster that SEGA hoped it would be because basically everyone tried to find something wrong with the game, but in Japan it beat out Mario 64 for the #1 spot where the Saturn was king and U.S. gamers to this day plead and beg SEGA for a sequel which Sega won't do and gamers regret ever overlooking Nights. Score 9.0
42. Kirby Super Stars. System: SNES. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: Febraury 29,1996.
Kirby Super Stars is another great game that was overlooked due to people already abandoning the 16-bit market for Playstation and Nintendo 64, it had 8 special ways of playing Kirby, so called eight games in one. Score 8.0
41. Super Mario 64. System: Nintendo 64. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: September 30,1996.
When speculation began about Mario's next platformer, people assumed it would be a 64-bit platformer with Luigi, they were only half correct the because N64 launch title had you only play as Mario and is the last game to be packaged with a console. The story is weak!Princess wants to bake a cake for Mario but Bowser kidnapped without Mario knowning. The enviroment and grpahics were great for 1996 totally beautiful. Mario now could talk and did backflips as he ran,he could ride Koopa shells,slide on slides,swims, and flies with a winged cap. New powerups like: invisible cap,metal cap, and invincible cap. All the levels are located inside the castle where you can explore, plus you must collect 120 stars to unlock secrets like Yoshi. The thumbpad on the N64 controller was revolutionary because people coludn't get the hang of it. Luigi is not in Mario 64 despite rumors and Yoshi is hidden on top of the castle for the Yoshi loving Japanese fanciers. Moreover Mario 64 hit #1 in the U.S. and U.K. but was Mario's last harrah as he would watch his career crumble before him as Nintendo would release bland and so-so titles using his and other franchises characters' name to make money. Followed by a rehash release for Nintendo DS eight years later. Score 8.5