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Tornado Valley

Classom: Anime reviews, and short nonsensal ancedotes.
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For some reason, some things will never change.
I sit alone inside a lab waiting for an anwser to the question "Why the hell can't it be released without resistance, What pain have I caused now?"
The delimma sits inside of me, It seems like only yesterday when I chased after a "neco-chan" but I came after her too rough, and now she fears me, and ever after 4 years is still assuming that I will stalk her down, when I'm not even looking for her.
You try to say something nice without sounding self-righetous, be instead they assume you have a hidden agenda when you don't ,you just like to give them commendation to make them feel special instead they think your trying to make a pass at them when back in the day would have been true but now its not.
Coincidences happen alot, not seldomly, they can be both good things or they could be downright appaling. The ones that have be happening all year long are good but why does it seem like the past is trying to come back when it ain't?


Like I said check back later.