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The CRAP HEAP!THE 50 Worst Video Games.EVER!
The CRAP HEAP!THE 50 Worst Video Games.EVER!
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The 100 Greatest Video Games list: THE FINAL 20!

Now that you've viewed my 100 greatest list, its time to review the worst of the worst.

Don't let this cute pic fool you!SMB2 is a lame remake of another game " Doki Doki Panic."

50. Super Mario Bros 2. System: NES. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: October 2,1988.
(Super Mario "Doki" which is Japanese for suck.)
By the mid 1980s, Nintendo had become an recognizeable company. The NES was king of the consoles in America and was putting up a good fight against  SEGA's Mark III console in Japan in a two horse race. Nintendo understood why they were so successful because of one thing: Mario. So the next step was to make a sequel to the smash hit "Super Mario Bros."
although Mario 1 had already had a sequel "Super Mario 2"(Lost Levels)released in Japan in 1986 for Famicom, Nintendo decided that  Mario 2 shouldn't be released in the U.S. cause they thought it was too hard(Bunch of wimps.)While it seemed like a good idea to remake a 1985 Famicom game "Doki Doki Panic", it was an idea that fell flat on it's face. After it was released as "Super Mario Doki" even though it sold well in Japan, it was panned by alot of Japanese. After the Mario 3 project begin, Nintendo released SMD as Super Mario Bros. 2 in the fall of '88, and let me tell you something, THIS GAME SUCKS!Mario 2 lets you play as either Mario,Luigi,Peach or Toad which sounds like a good idea. Its not. Once you start the game you start off in some stupid room where you must open a door to get outside.
 Once you are out, you job is to pick up enemies and throw them at eachother, it's fun for about 2 minutes and then it gets repetitive. While you can pull out "Pows" and "bombs" you earn no points for killing enemies. What kind of platformer doesn't let you earn points for killing enemies?What more pain?how about the painfully slow gameplay and the stupidly mindless puzzles that make the game uninteresting and unaddictive and the lame control put some suck into it. Even though each  character is different they all have the same features: Poor jumping skills. Even though you get a special high jump by holding down B and pressing "A", it doesn't help because everbody can only jump two feet in the air I mean hell in SMB Mario can jump up to 8 feet!Though Peach can glide, she can only glide for two seconds!More monotomy comes from the suck level design pathetic ending,(Where it was all of a dream) and lame-arse music.
There are no secrets,no easter eggs, nothing. Just 7 levels and the game can be beaten in a few hours. In short SMB 2. is a bad platformer that should have never be made,and was the very first Mario game to score be in the negetive department and was slammed with bad reviews but sold well just not successfully teaching Nintendo that whenever a sequel to a blockbuster is made it's formula must be as close to its predesessor as it needs to be, and Nintendo learned thier lesson and released "Super Mario Bros. 3" just 7 months later which became a phenomenon. Score 2.0(For not actually being a Mario game.)
49. Bruce Lee: Quest of The Dragon. System: Xbox. Publisher: VU Games. Release: October 22,2002.
(You have offended his family and you have offended The Legend himself.)
Now this is one of  gaming's greatest tragedies, you take a legend Kung fu star and put him in a punch kick game. It's a shame because VU asked Linda Lee Bruce's widow if they could use old footage of Bruce Lee, the graphics are good but not good enough, the controls are great and the game is pretty fun, for about five minutes.
Once you get to the 3rd level it gets really repetitive, punching and kicking the same old stupid enemies over and over again and just to subject to crushing boredom, A disgrace to Bruce and his family that deserves an uppercut, Hai Yaah!!!!! Score 4.0
48. The Bouncer. System: PS2. Publisher: SCEI/Squaresoft. Release: March 2001.
(An understatement.)
The Bouncer was one of the very first PS2 games to be developed when it was first annouced in 1999 when Sony invisoned on having Final Fantasy turned into a Syhon Filter-like clone. The Bouncer itself originally had a fall 2000 release but was pushed back into 2001. When it was finally released, it suffered from clunky interface, sloppy framerate problems and short and boring gameplay.
This is one of the many things that caused this hyped game to fall flat on it's face in 2001 suffering bad reviews and slow sales. Score 4.5
47. Sonic R. System: Saturn. Publisher: Sega of Europe. Release: November 13,1997(U.K.) November 19,1997(U.S.) February 14,1998(Japan)
(Racing: For the retarded.)
During the hard times at SEGA of America, SEGA was in a tight spot. The Saturn was a dismal failure in the U.S. despite strong sales in Japan and adequate U.K. sales. When Sonic Team decided that they just couldn't make a good Sonic game they released "Sonic Jam" an excellent complation title after the dismal "Sonic 3DBlast".
In a sense, Sonic Jam became a sleeper hit and attracted alot of  new Sonic fans but while Sonic Team was hard at work on other Saturn projects and STI had already gone under, SEGA needed another Sonic title out for the holiday season of 1997 so they got Sega OF Europe to work on a racing Sonic game for the Saturn called "Sonic R" and while the idea seemed like a good one, it was doomed from the start.
Traveller's Tales the french developer behind Toy Story,Crash 4, and Sonic 3D: Flickies Island, took the center stage for Sonic R's development. The commisioned Richard Jacques the man behind the great soundtrack for the Saturn port of Sonic 3DBlast to compose music for Sonic R who hires Euro pop singer T.J. Davis to sing the lyrics after Naka recommended her.
Truth be told, Sonic Team wasn't very heavly involved in Sonic R's development be they still were part of it. The fact that Traveller's Tales lacked still in making gameplay good is one of the things that led to Sonic R's failure.
The game seems to be good at first, there are loads of characters to race with, the music sound great at first but once you start listening carefully to the lyrics you become nauseated by the sheer atrocity of them, sure the game may look good, but the terrible control is a major turn off and makes gameplay horribly irritating. Sonic can't run straight, Miles' flying is weak, Knuckles sucks and Amy's car the breeze can't race worth crap.
Sure the amount of characters you can race with the unlockable ones like Tails Doll,Metal Knuckles and Super Sonic but these are the only good features about the game which is in fact overall a pathetic Mario-kart clone and a mediocre game due to the limited amount of race tracks.
In the end, Sonic R became nothing more than a rushed-out half arsed disaster for SEGA. The game got a cold welcome in the U.S. and Japan although the soundtrack became a cult hit, and was met with nasty reviews and dismal sales. But in the U.K. the game became a hit but unfortanely could save the Saturn which died just 6 months later on April 30,1998 and the poor ol' ill fated black box was buired without ever having shown a true exaple of it's flagship character. Score 4.0

Ugly graphics, terrible control and short gameplay made Sonic R a disaster for SEGA.

46. Bad Street Brawler. System: NES. Publisher: Mattel. Release: May 3,1988.
(Chester The Molester.)
ON Mad TV, they did this sketch once that poked fun at Steven Seagal where comedian Will Sasso would parody Seagals akito moves. Which bring brings me to this "Double Dragon clone, "Bad Street Brawler". You play Mike, a generic gangtsa with a generic name in a very generic game. He can do only two things: touch and jump. Though he punches people the game is apparrently so poorly designed that it looks like he's molesting people! It's Sickning! Jump and Touch. Jump and Touch. Jump and Touch. Jump Touch. Jump and Touch. Jump and Touch. Jump and Touch. Jump and Tou.....Arghh!!!!This game's monotomy will drive you mad! All told there's no reason to buy this game,no reason to to play this game, no reason to say aynthing else about this game, except that the reason why I mentioned "Mad TV" is because this game is a joke. Score 2.0
45. TMNT. System: NES. Publisher: Ultra Games/Konami. Release: April 25,1989.
(A cheap piece of trash.)
In 1985, Mirage studios bought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic series to saturday morning T.V., it became an instant success and soon started a licensing phemon. Four years later Konami had it's subsary Ultra Games develop a game based on the franchise but sadly instead of just releasing a home arcade port of the TMNT game which was standard practice at the time, Ultra just developed a platformer. And although it was met with alot of hype TMNT is a crashing,washy, short and cheesy arse game with blah visuals.
 First of all it's not a 2D punch kick platformer it's a bland platformer, you start off with all 4 turtles who's mission is to run through sewers and kill Sherdder's henchman which sounds cool but it's lame, because each turtle counts as a life! plus you have to spend your entire time walking all over the map to and fro. Now that's not my idea of a good time. As the levels progress they get harder and more complicating as yor forced to to grab weird and useless items like a rope and even the bosses get hard and tedious,plus the fact that there are only 5 levels makes this game more subpar than it's franchise. The final word? It's too short,tedious and unforgiving, plus the confusing level design is even enough to  drive you insane! Skip this plastic thing in the bargin bin and save yourself three bucks. score 3.5
44. Mega Man X7. System:PS2. Publisher: Capcom Release:July 22,2003.
(The blue bomber gets a BIG bomb.)
It was way back in 1986 when Rockman first hit the scene, this interesting franchise back then introduced platforming/shoot 'em up genres. Six years later in 1992 Capcom introduced a newer version of Rockman called Mega Man X, a game which earned rave reviews and was named best game of '92 due to it's revolutionary gameplay that allowed you to create armor and collect upgrades, but in 2001 after a string of moderately successful Mega Man titles, Capcom decided to celebrate the blue bomber's 15th birthday by spending about 1 billion yen($100 million) on developing and promoting a new Rockman title for the PS2, the project would last for 2 years but a bad sign would soon follow.
In May 2003, Capcom released" Mega Man: Network Transmission" for Nintendo Gamecube the game suffered from an over-the-top storyline and fustrating gameplay, the game was poorly  received and was ignored by most of the gaming world. Then two months later, after two years of blood,sweat and tears MMX7 is released and did the hard pay off?Did the game live up to it's hype. Hell no.
MMX7 can I put it into terms the most dissapointing,monotomous Rockman title ever made, the game pretty much sucks suffering from one major flaw:Overkill. The game leaves off after the underatted X6, when X,Zero and Axel(sue SEGA! that's plagerism.)must hunt down Maverick Hunters to stop a war or something, yup it's the same ol' dumb arse storyline about Maverick hunters and Reploids that has been used over and over since X4 was  released in '97. MMX& is in 3D!So who gives a damn? I would have, IN 1995! Now it doesn't matter since the graphics look supar anyway. X is supposed to have cool weapons like "Nova Strike" but he doesn't,Zero is supposed to learn new moves written in Japanese but he doesn't, Axel is full of crap he can't do anything new or improved or X and Zero. Now to the controls, terrible like a broken robot, with loads of cheap deaths, that you'll encounter, now the sound;cover you ears so you can't hear the atrocious sound,awful music score
 and please turn the mute button on,before you hurt yourself listen to the voice acting which is so lame you'll swear your at the table read for "Cool World." And the there's the gameplay which is really freaking hard, low energy, loads of smart enemies and  no checkpoints!Make MMX7 nearly immposible to beat. It's sad that MMX7 turned out this way, cosidering that everything you'd expect from a MM title isn't there, there's no cool wepons, no secrets nothing,gamers who play this game are just gonna loathe it, MM fans are just going to feel angry thankfully this game was overlooked by the gaming world as if Mega Man is a" washed-up" mascot. Score 3.5
43. Super Double Dragon. System: Super NES. Publisher: Tradewast. Release: August 8,1991.
(Stupid Double Dragon Game.)
Darkwood dinny,darkwood dinny,darkwood dinny, du na na na na na! sound like giberish? That was the the musci from Super Double Dragon the forth entry into the punch/kick walkthrough series that dominated the 80s and gave birth to millions of clones. Double Dragon the first DD game was a smash, DDII did well, and the third one didin't sell so well. So Tradewest thought it was a great idea to release Double Dragon IV on the Super Nintendo, while DD I and DDII fun and DD III was tolerable, DD IV...err Super Double Dragon suffers from Super repetitive gameplay. You play it at first a dig it's great sound and controls, but notice that the A.I. is stupid. He or she follows you around glaring at you until you get tired of it.
The first 3 levels seem fun then you get to level 4 and you get bored,same ol' moves, same ol' enemies, plus you get only three lives and five contiunes. So DD IV is a repetitive and stupid Double Dragon game and not long after it's release, Tradewest devoted themselves to releasing sequel after sequel for thier Double Dragon and Battletoad games to fill  thier qouta which eventually led to bankrupcy in 1994, Tradewast died quietly and unmoured. Score 4.5
42. Hey You! Pikachu! System: Nintendo 64. Publisher: Nintendo/Game Freak. Release: October 14,2000.
Okay, okay everybody I'm going to be frank and honest why I despise this game, could it be because I hate Poke'mon?(no. I don't give a crap about Poke'mon) what about because this game tried and failed to capture the uniquness of SEGA's" Seaman" a Dreamcast title that revolutionized voice interaction? Well.......yes.
The reason why HYP is a horrid pile of crap is because it was nothing more than a lame and pathetic atempt from Nintendo to milk the Poke'mon franchise out of all it's worth, it's to say very well that this is prehapes the stupidest idea for a Poke'mon title ever. HYP allows users to babysit everbody's favorite little Akuma(that's Japanese for devil) mouse by talking to him and instructing him on what to do, sound easy? No it's not. Babysiting Pikachu is hell! Like babysitting a pet rock! The A.I. is so god awful that his I.Q. is like  that of a 2 year old! You watch him fish, play catch with Squirtle that little annoying arse turltle and even play badminton with Butterfree! No just kidding. There really isn't very much to do at all. You just shout commands at Pikachu a yellow idiotic moron who doesn't listen to you. Okay if that's the case then Why the hell do you need the stupid mircophone in the first place?
Granted there's nothing to open up and the game gets really boring and montomous very fast so this game isn't worth the time or money  or the lame arse mircophone it comes with. Can you believe this crappy game used to cost $90!!!!!!!!That's right millions of stupid parents were duped into buying this poor excuse for a "Seaman" clone, I suggest you buy Seaman on Dreamcast because although it's a little on the short side it's a hella lot better than this. This game should have been called "Screw You, Pikachu" or" To HELL with you, Pikachu". Score 2.5
41. Parrapa The Rapper. System: Psone. Publisher: SCEI. Release: November 18,1997.
(Dis game is Wack!)
Back in the middle of the PSone's life, Sony released "Parrapa The Rapper" a rap simulation game in the U.S after it got a lukewarm response in Japan. Parrara The Rapper is a rappin' puppy who must rap his way through six levels. The game gmae itself seems fun at first as you rap and follow the words by the pattern of controls; while it seem cool this game suffers from one major flaw: unresponsive control! You constantly press random buttons as you franticly struggle to make the controls work. The rhymes are stupid, the plot is nonsecial and the lyrics are so poorly translated that they sound baka!
After you beat six levels, you are forced to rap live in concert. The replay value is low and you'll hate the game even more. But what's funny is that  Parrapa The Rapper became very successful when it hit the states and nobady said anything negetive about it. I guess everyone was under a spell in 1998 where they would buy anything if it had the "Sony" name on it. And the story didn't end there a spinoff followed  that year in Japan called "Unjammer Lammy" a rock simulation game with a female dog named "Lammy" loaded with a bizzare storyline,more levels and extras.
In Japan, the game became a sleeper cult hit and in the states it found a fanbase among grils when it was released there in July 1999 and 2001 a Parrapa sequels was released on PS2 that was ignored by everyone as if it was more of a novelty hit than a franchise. Score 3.5
40. Super Smash T.V. System: Super NES. Publisher: Midway. Release: August 8,1991.