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The 100 Greatest Video Games list: THE FINAL 20!

The CRAP HEAP!THE 50 Worst Video Games.EVER!
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PatLTornado's 100 greatest video games list
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The 100 Greatest Video Games list: THE FINAL 20!

Alright! Here are the FINAL 20!


20. Metal Gear Solid. System:PSone. Publisher: Konami. Release: May 26,1998.
In 1989, Konami released Metal Gear a RTS game that garnered rave reviews and blockbuster sales, Nine years later having been completely skipped over the 16-bit world,Konami released the pr-equal to Metal Gear, "Metal Gear Solid". The story takes place five years before MG, LT. Solid Snake is a little younger and must seek out and destroy "Rain" a heartless rebel, the game is a 32-bit 3rd person shooter where you aim at enemies and shoot while trying to aim the camera at the right angle because it has a few problems. The graphics for 1998 push the Playstation to the limit and there are numorous framerate problems.
 If your a beginner at RTS games you'll beat MGS in a month but if your an expert you'll beat it in a just a day. Even with a minimal replay value, MGS hit #1 in the U.S. and U.K. but was ignored in Japan because it wasn't on the Saturn and in 2004 re-released it on the Gamecube where it was met with little fanfare and was overlooked by everone which caused Konami to can all GC development. Score 9.0
19. Metal Gear. System: NES. Publisher: Konami/Ultra Games.
Release: April 25,1989.
In 1988, the term "Real Time Strategy" was never heard of so when Japanese designer 24 year old Tatsuya Nomura developed a game called "Mekato Konuiti"(Metal Gear) he pioneered and revolutionized RTS gaming and released it for Nintendo Famicom and SEGA Mark III in September 1988. As Nomura made plans for a U.S. release he exclaimed,"Hono Gei ida!"(That's a great idea!)and released Metal Gear for the NES on April 25,1989. You play Captian Solid Snake a Lt. in the Armed forces, his job is to destroy an armored tank called "Metal Gear" hence the name. You start off in a helecopter where you're dropped off in jungle with no weapons. you must roam around and collect weapons and items.
 did I mention that you can punch ememies? But it's better to shoot them with a gun. All told you can complete the game in just a few days with passwords included,even though the replay value down after you beat the game there's plenty to open up. In the end "Metal Gear" got a warm welcome in the U.S. in 1989,met with perfect reviews and blockbuster sales reaching #2 because not even thus game could stop "Super Mario Bros. 3" which was released just a few weeks later. Score 10.
18. Sonic The Hedgehog. System: Genesis. Publisher: SEGA. Release: June 23,1991.
When SEGA launched the worlds first 16-bit console the Sega Genesis in America on September 1,1989 they hoped that they could compete against the NES and crush it but even though the Genesis was 16-bit and the NES 8-bit, it couldn't stop the NES because of one thing:Mario. Alex Kidd wasn't an enduring character like Mario and Mario 3 was a blockbuster reguardless. So in 1990, a cry went out "We Need a Mascot!" and SEGA commissioned Yuji Naka a 24 year old programmer at SOJ behind 80s hits like "Miyune"(Girl's Garden) Playful Mimi and Phantasy Star to create a character for SEGA.
At first a bulldog was suggested but was rejected than an retarded all american wolf was suggested but that was rejected too, after the eggshaped character was turned into a villian, a porcpine nicknamed "NeedleMouse" by Naoto Oshima credited as "Carlos Yas" was choosen. On April 20,1991 at the Spring CES show in San Jose,California the name "Sonic The Hedgehog" was choosen, he had been named by the J-pop group "Dreams Come True". The game released on June 23,1991 wowed everyone because it was so different,Mario jumped,Sonic jumps and bounces,Mario collects coins, Sonic collects rings,Sonic is fast,Mario isn't.
Each level must be beaten in 10 minutes and you must have 100 rings for an extra life and 50 for a special stage which contains Chaos Emeralds(no Super Sonic,yet.)There are 3 acts instead of 2 and you defeat Dr. Eggman by bouncing on him, there are 6 levels and 18 stage acts,Also the levels end very fast with that being the only bad thing about the game. For Sonic and America, it was love at first sight,gamers young and old embraced Sonic The Hedgehog as he became a smash hit, even Nintendo was impressed and even more shocked when Sonic 1 outsold Super Mario World by a wide margin as Sonic 1 claimed the #1 spot for 1991. And Nintendo finally realized that Mario now had a serious contender on his hands. Score 9.0
17. Sonic The Hedgehog 2. System: Genesis. Publisher: SEGA/Sonic Team. Release: November 24,1992
By 1992, Sonic The Hedgehog was a worldwide success, the Genesis was crushing the NES and the Super NES was fighting to put the Genesis behind it. With good fortune and strong profits the decision was made after SEGA saw that Mario's place in history ws set by phenominal sales of "Super Mario Bros. 3" a sequel needed to be made and released fast. So in the spring of 1992 Sonic 2 begin it's project, the largest in the company's history at the time with over 50 programmers at Sonic Team and Sega Technical Institute and 25 game testers. First, the level designs were decided then a sidekick was created.
At first Ray the flying Sqiurrel was suggested but Ray wasn't cute and he couldn't fly either so he was discarded to the trash after appearing in "SegaSonic Arcade". Next Yasushi Yamaguchi a character designer(credited as Judy Toyota)at Sonic Team created a two tailed cute and handsome flying fox he named Miles Prower(Miles Per hour)After extensive hard work and level design changes with a tight schedule, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was released two days before Thanksgiving 1992 on November 24,1992"Sonic2uesday". Sonic 2 allows both player 1 and team based gameplay, You control Sonic and a freind or brother controls "Miles" because the Tails AI sucks bad, the levels are now bigger and faster and steeper with more enemies and more traps,each time you beat a stage with 100 rings you are rewarded a continue,the special stages are located inside the checkpoints where you get Super Sonic sonic if you get an 7 emeralds.
There are 11 levels the 12th is hidden inside the game "Hidden Palace". after you beat the game or of you get tired you can play two player V.S. mode when you and a buddy can compete against each other. Sonic 2 lived up to it's standards not only becoming a blockbuster but becoming one of the best selling games of all time and at that point Mario was officially dethroned as the "King of Mascots". Score 8.5.
16. Sonic & Knuckles. System: Genesis. Publisher: SEGA/Sonic Team. Release: October 18,1994.
In 1994, after a excellent year for Sonic, SEGA of America made some very risky business decisions by rushing out Sonic 3 unfinished,this caused some bad rap from SEGA and the competitor Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country to sell like mad. Realizing thier mistake,SEGA pleaded with Sonic Team and Sega Techinal Institute to finish Sonic 3 A.S.A.P. and provide those dismayed by "Sonic 3"with a special treat "Sonic & Knuckles".
Released on October 18,1994, S&K was not just the rest of Sonic 3 but a cartridge that allowed you to hook up to other Sonic games Sonic 1,Sonic 2, and Sonic 3 in the days before emulation,lock on technology was revolutionary. The game by itself is crap., nuff said. But when you hook it up to Sonic The Hedgehog 3 its one helluva an adventure allowing you to play as Sonic,Miles, or Knuckles The Echinda(who was unplayable on Sonic 3).Each characters amount of levels are different,there are not 7 but 14 special  stages Chaos and Super Emeralds! Once you get al 7 with Sonic or Knuckles they take "Super"forms with Miles his must have both Chaos and Super Emeralds to become "Turbo Tails" and with the Super Emeralds Sonic and Knuckles "Hyper"forms.
 If you haven't played Sonic 3 the special stages reqiure speed because they are 3D spheres levels. If you beat the game there's even more treats for you,you can selcet any level you want and get the Super Emeralds if you haven't already. Want another treat?Lock on to Sonic 2 and play as Knuckles in Sonic 2!Lock on to Sonic 1 and get up to 2,456 special stages levels that get harder and harder. S&K was met with ovation in '94,Although S&K earned rave reviews,the $60 price tag was a bit too expensive and DKC was still selling like mad. So S&K sold slow for the first two weeks of its release. Than SEGA came up with an ingenious plan,a price cut to $40 and a buy-one-get-one-free deal with by S&K for $40 and get Sonic 3 free.
This worked as S&K sales caught up with DKC and snagged the #1 spot for the holiday season of 1994,not only was Sonic & Knuckles Sonic Team's final project with STI, it was the blue blur's last harrah for the 90s as he would spend the rest of the decade having his name and rep shot down with bad games. Score 10.
15. Sonic Chaos. System:GameGear. Publisher: SEGA. Release: November 23,1993.
The year 1993 was an unforgetable year for Sonic, Sonic 2 was huge,he had a weekday afternoon and saturday morining cartoon and appeared, everywhere! So SEGA stepped up developement for Sonic and released three Sonic games during Thansgiving 1993,Sonic Spinball,Sonic CD and Sonic Chaos. Sonic had appeared in 8-bit before in late 1991 when Sonic 1 was ported to the GameGear and Master System and met with amazing results. Sonic Chaos was the 3rd GG release,unlike the 8-bit Sonic 2 which was very tedious and didn't let you play as Miles. Sonic Chaos lets you. Both Sonic and Miles run at the same speed but Miles can now fly. Each level has a hidden Chaos Emerald bumping the total to 7 levels. If your really good at the game, it can be beaten in a few hours if your not, you'll never beat it. Sonic Chaos is addictive but somewhat lame,but still worth playing and owning it even became a hit ranking #5 in 1993 but was the last Sonic game released on the Master System. Score 9.0
14. Final Fantasy VIII. System:PSone. Publisher:SCEI/Squaresoft. Release:September 9,1999.
I like Final Fantasy, I'm not gonna lie to you I just don't like the fact that it was released to compete woth SEGA Dreamcast and the crazy Nintendo fanboys who keep hoping that Square will get back with Nintendo. Out of all of the Final Fantasy games out there this one is my personal favorite. Final Fantasy VIII is different from FFVII, you play as three characters Squall Lionheart, Riona his girlfriend and Alan, each of them must rescue Edea a beautiful princess who has been possessed evil and plans to birth an evil empire the spell must be broken in order to free Edea.
The FMV sequences are stellar,spectacular and beautiful,both Edea and Riona are beautiful looking. The battle system is complex you as control  Squall,Riona and Alan who uses both swords and guns and who's health does recover by resting, the graphics when compared to Dreamcast are weak,the framerate goes as high as it can, the gameplay is awesome,the story is excellent and the FMV will blow you away! I really don't care two much for the later FF titles,of course FF8 didn't stop the Dreamcast but it did become a hit and made me think really hard about my bias and fanboyism against Sony. Score 10.
13. Final Fantasy III. System: Super NES. Publisher: SonyImageSoft. Release: October 11,1994.
Final Fantasy III is a one player only RPG that is a totally different story from FF7 and FF8. You play Kulock a cute little male fairy who blows away monsters,and the story takes place on a pirate ship. As you progress through the game you get more new characters with up to four people in your party.
The game itself is 16-bit so the graphics are custom chips. Final Fantasy III is actually FFV in Japan released there in '92 FFIV,FFV and FFVI were never released in the states. FFV a prequel to III allowed player to create thier own type of characters was released in Japan in 1994 for the Super Famicom. To date FFIII is very rare and is one of the rarest titles on the SNES, In 1999 it was released as "Final Fantasy Anthology" and included FFV. Score 9.5.
12. King Of Fighters: Dream Match '99. System: Dreamcast. Publisher: SNK/SEGA. Release: September 9,1999.
Now KOF is a fighting series that tops Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat becausse it didn't get the reconition it deserved. KOF struggled during the early 1990s as it was called a Street Fighter clone. KOF 1994 finally got the respect it deserved by didn't translate into sales.
KOF DM 1999 is actually an old Saturn game released in the states on Dreamcast that lets you load new characters into the game from the Neo Geo Pocket Color to the VMU. KOF DM 99 may not be for everyone but it definetly deserves a look so it can help you see a fighting series that was unfairly overlooked. Score 8.5
11. Mario Is Missing. System: SNES. Pulbisher: Nintendo. Release: October 15,1993.
Now that we're nearing thr final top 10 you were probably assuming that Super Mario Bros. 2 would be here, you wrong. It isn't becasue that game sucks. Instead you get an underrated Mario game starring Luigi called "Mario Is Missing" one of my all time favs. Okay now I know what your probably thinking "This is the dumbest piece of $^&# I've ever heard of!" No! Don't judge it yet, play it first becasue is kinda of fun.
I know, I know the concept sounds lame, Liugi and Yoshi must find Mario who's been kidnapped by Bowser. I understand  you may think that finding artrifracts in famous world spot is repetitive "You just gotta be be patient!" Once you go deep into it you'll like it.
Everything that you gripe about in this game is what made it get overlooked which is really a shame, the soundtrack is awesome and I discovered an interesting phemnomon: The music can get stuck in your head and can never escape, even after all these years the San Fransisco theme is still stuck in there and will probably escape in 2008. AS for you I think  you should check out Mario is Missing because its deep,it's great and its Luigi. Score 9.5
10. Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World. System: Gameboy Advance. Publisher: Nintendo, Release: April 20,2002.
When SMW launched alongside the Super NES in 1991. It was criticized for lacking a lot features from the pre-release version and paled in comparsion to "Sonic The Hedgehog". This 2002 re-release on the GBA a breath of fresh air. The game pretty much look the same,sounds the same and plays the same, except now Mario talks.
More good news: No more Mario 1 life cycle! Thank God! Now you no longer have to deal with monotomy,that's right he doesn't automatically shink anymore! Also you can play as Luigi and can enter fortessess with Yoshi. There is also 14 Yoshis instead of 4 and the red and blue switches actually do something red for "fire flower" and blue for for "Blue Yoshi" Playing SMA2 made me fall in love with with the game in a way I never did and made me have more respect for SMV a must buy! Score 9.5
9. NFL 2K1. System: Dreamcast. Publisher: SEGA. Release: September 7,2000.
NFL 2K was first launched alongside Dreamcast in 1999, it was revolutionary for being the first 128-bit football title and become a modest hit. Now a year later, NFL2K1 was supplied with another unique feature that was revolutionary: Online play. With online Dreamcast service. In NFL2K1 you could play with up to eight users who used to qiut alot.
The online feature is amazing and allows you to to chat as you play online, the playbook is large and give you an accurate account of certain plays. Overall the framerate and AI are great and NFL2K1 arrived wtih SEGA's new online service,rave reviews and a shortage of PS2 units casued NFL2K1 to got to #1 in 2000. Score 9.5
8. Super Mario Bros. System: NES. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: October 10,1985.
You didn't think I was gonna miss this legend, Did you? SMB is a game that has been played by everybody. Even if you were born after 1985 you've played it before. Everyone knows the story of SMB and how it hepled revive the video game industry, Nintendo themseveles wasn't really sure how it would do since many toy stores refused to sell video games.
SMB came after Nintendo Entertainment System finished test marketing. The first games released for the NES when it was test marketed at the Spring CES in May 1985 in N.Y.C. were 4 games, two shoot 'em ups and 2 stack ups "Wild Gunman,Hogan's Alley,Gryomite,and Stack Up" This set came with two controllers, a light gun, the four games and R.O.B. the video robot.
Though Nintendo originally planned to launch the NES in the Spring of '85, the release date was pushed back five months to test the waters in New York,Los Angeles, and Seattle. On Thursday October 10,1985 the NES officially launched in the U.S. with "Super Mario Bros." SMB was the first platformer of it's kind, the object is to stomp on enemies while banging your head on blocks to gain power,mushrooms that help you grow,while gaining fire power.
Each level has a flag that you must reach while racing against the clock, at the end of the world you must fight "Bowser" an evil turtle known as "Koopa", you can defeat him by either touching a hatchet of shooting him with fireballs. There are 8 worlds,each contains a secret passageway inside a pipe that leads to a shortcut.
Did I mention that you can visit "Snorkland"? In world 1-2 if you break a certain brick at the end of the stage you can slide into the wall and enter a warp pipe that takes you to "-1" level the "Minus World" is SNORKLAND where there is no escape. SMB was a game that everybody could play and got people interested in video games again and the NES took off selling 1 million units in just two months along and the video game industry is rivived after the "1984 market crash" and in February 1986 the NES is released in Canada and the U.K. Score 8.0
7. Soul Calibur. System: Dreamcast. Publisher: SEGA/Namco.
Release: September 9,1999.
"The Legend will never die." Quote from the classic blockbuster that was introduced to the Dreamcast console in 1999. Soul Calibur is more than a game its an extraordinary fighter that uses swords instead of hand-to-hand fighting and fireballs,no violence either. Just electric. Soul Calibur let's you play as a swordsman who's job is to destroy an evil sword called "Soul Edge" a powerful blade that kills people.
Each fighter has over 800 combos to preform and can move in 8 different directions. With 8 stages, the fialn has you pitted against a evil creature called "Inferno" where you get an ending. The game has no plot at all, no storyline because you have to unock it in mission mode, in "Mission Mode" you earn points and unlock special features.
The graphics are top notch especially for 1999. They really show what the Dreamcast can do,each character speaks one language: Japanese. That's all they speak,english isn't an option which is a good thing if you've played the sequel.
All in all Soul Calibur came out of nowhere and blew everyone away, in a "Poke'mon" filled world, Soul Calibur became an instant blockbuster and ranked #1 right ahead of Poke'mon Yellow! It took four yeras for a sequel to be released on PS2,Xbox and Gamecube although it became successful, the ghost of Dreamcast hung over everyone and SCII didn't become a blockbuster. Score 10.
6. Skies Of Arcadia. System: Dreamcast. Publisher: SEGAWOW. Release: October 14,2000.
When the Dreamcast begin life on Septemeber 9,1999, it had a very low amount of RPG titles like: E.G.G., Evolution, and the lackluster "Time Stalkers". So when it can time for a big RPG title it wasn't until a year into the DC's life that "Skies Of Arcadia" released. S.O.A. is the story of a sky pliot named "Erik" who's girlfriend Ronnie  and friend Jim battle in the open skies.
The battle system is tough and the game's learning curve reqiures alot of patience,you can only use a few weapons at a time and must switch between members to excute a perfect defeat. The graphics that the Dreamcast to the limit and show its awesome power, the soundtrack is amazing and the gameplay is superb! SOA did become successful and in early 2003 a re-hash was released on Nintendo Gamecube and met with little fanfare. Score 10.
5. Sonic Advance. System: Gameboy Advance. Publisher: SEGA/THQ. Release: June 18,2002.
SEGA's foray into the 3rd party world was met with unexpected results. Alot of people were shocked that the Dreamcast's life was over and were mourning it's loss, but when Sonic Team begin the "Sonic Advance" project they invisioned on making a new Sonic game. The result was Sonic Advance. Sonic Advance was like playing a new 2D game, it wowed people with its simple graphics, great cast of characters and unusually addictive gameplay. Each stage is designed differently and innovative. Perfect on the get go but suffers from "Just one more game" syndrome. SEGA hoped that Sonic Advance would do well but they only  built 4 milion units and sold all 4 million of them out! Sonic Avance became a blockbuster and a sequel followed a year later. Score 10.

Sonic Advance became an instant smash for SEGA.

4. The Legend Of Zelda Series. System: NES,Super NES,Nintendo 64. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: March 17,1987,October 10,1988,November 5,1991.October 18,1998, March 21,2000.
The Legend of Zelda series is the most successful RPG series of all time,even more successful than Final Fantasy and SEGA's Phantasy Star. To date. The first Zelda game sold 15 million copies worldwide making it the #2 best sellng game of all time. The Idea came from Shigeru Miyamoto the creator of Mario and Yoshi in late 1985 when he was asked to do an epice RPG title for the Famicom.
The story originated from when then 29 year old Miyamoto rememered the bedtime stories his mother and father would tell him about a mystical princess named "Zelda" being a asleep inside a mysterious chamber and a young elf warrior named "Link" must rescue her. Link is the only character you can play as and he fights only two enemies at a time, while getting keys and secrets.
The first Zelda game sold pretty well in Japan when it was released there in December 1986 ranking at #2 but when it hit America, they were taken in by it as it hit #1 selling about 6 1/2 million copies alone in 1987. A year after it was released in Japan, "Zelda II: The Adventures of Link" wowed everyone again and for a second time went to #1 in the U.S. in 1988.
It would be three years before annother Zelda game would be released. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past was released for the Super NES in November 1991,although it earned rave reviews it didn't sell very well and Nintendo gave Phllips the rights to make Zelda games for it's abominable "CDi" machine, These game were so bad, that Phillips lost $1 billion on the CDi alone. In 1994, Miyamoto begin a new Zelda project, one that would last nearly four years. "The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocorina Of Time" was released in Japan in September 1997 and in the states in July 1998.
The game did well in Japan but although it was praised by everybody in the U.S. it just did'nt sell well because in 1998 only games released on PSone good OR bad would sell. Another Zelda game was released in 1999 and in the U.S. in 2000 called "Majora's Mask, it sold well. In 2003, The Legend Of Zelda: The Windwaker was met with mixed reviews and dismal sales when it was released on Gamecube.
 The new Zelda title "Minish Cap" for GBA has been met with perfect reviews and strong sales, but the upcoming Zelda title "The Legend Of Zelda: Twlight Princess" will be the final Gamecube release as the console fizzles away with poor sales and porr demand and low 3rd party support. Score 10.
3. Panzer Dragoon Series. System: Saturn,Xbox. Publisher: SEGA. Release: October 17,1995, April 28,1998,August 3,2002.
Panzer Dragoon is a awesome series that unfairly hasn't gotten the respect it deserves. Panzer Dragoon is about a young boy and his dragon,you can shoot with the dragon while flying on him, the gameplay gets to be really deep as you progress.
 Words cannot express  how stellar this game is except the fact that the first Dragoon game was overlooked by a Saturn hating american crowd, the next Dragoon game "Panzer Dragoon Saga" was released at the very end of the Saturn's life and stands alone as one of the rarest games in history.
In 2002, Panzer Dragoon Orta was released on Xbox and even though its a wonderful game, Why wasn't on Dreamcast? That was what caused it not to sell. If you are lucky though you can try finding these games and can suceed at doing it. Score 10.
2. Sonic The Hedgehog CD. System: SEGA CD. Publisher: SEGA. Release: September 23,1993(Japan)November 23,1993(U.S.). During the early 1990s, the inudstry was different. Sonic was on top of the world and SEGA was being built into a giant corporation.
 Though Sonic 2 was a blockbuster success, Yuji Naka grew tired of Sega Of Japan's hierarchy breach-of-contract policy and left Sonic Team stranded in Japan and joined Sega Techincal Institute full time.
While at STI, Naka worked on Sonic 3 and supervised the development of Sonic Spinball institing that only Japanese and Japanese-American only programmers work on Sonic 3 while Americans work on Sonic Spinball.
 But while Naka was in the U.S., Naoto Oshima took over the lead programming of Sonic Team and began work on Sonic CD. Right on the heels of Sonic 2 begin the Sonic CD project, after cancelling plans for a MEGA CD port of Sonic 2, Oshima commissioned Yasushi Yamaguchi has childhood buddy and character designer to design a female character for Sonic becasue Sega of Japan was looking for a Minnie mouse-like figure since Sonic was a Mickey Mouse-like figure out there, Yamaguchi got a female artist named Kazuyuki Hoshino to design a character out of Sonic's art concept sketches Ms. Hoshino named "Rosey The Rascal" but Mr. Yamaguchi decided to name her Amy Rose.
The game was first uveiled at the Spring Toyko Game show in May 1993 and got quite a response there, info of course was leaked into Sega Of Europe and SEGA of America who decided to unveil it at the summer CES but backed out.
Despite a few hitches and a lawsuit, SEGA of Japan was able to get Masato Nakamura of Dreams Comes True a j-pop band and his other band members to compose music for the game.
Released September 23,1993 in Japan, Sonic CD took another step in evolution in platforming. The game plays totaly different from the other Sonic games released before and after it. Sonic moves the same but the controls feel more balanced and alot less loose than many of the other Sonic titles, Sonic moves slow at first and course picks up speed with a time stone which is obtained in a special stage where Sonic's speed can increase a thousandfold.
The game can only be saved on one file so you may have to overwrite if you want to save another game. The object is to obtain all 7 of the time stones, you start off in a present part of the level where you must destroy all of the badnicks and then obtain a time stone, once you do you can preform 2 special moves: Super Peel out and warp. The Super Peel out move can be preformed by pressing A+B+C+ at the same time whereas "Warp" is preformed when you past by a lampost at light speed. In the past all you must do is defeat Dr. Eggman and if you do, you will be wisked away to a "Good future" where you can find Amy and lots of forest friends.
 In  the bad future which is created by not obtaining time stones you can make life more harder because there are more enemies and more traps. In the secend level "Collison Chaos", Amy is hognapped by Mecha Sonic if you go to the good future part of the stage Amy still won't be found, you must defeat Mecha Sonic in order to see her in Stardust Speedway.
Depending on how many time stones you get,thats how you get an ending. If you got them all, Dr. Eggman is defeated and Amy is rescued and everything is serene, the 8th level Metallic Madness is where you can face off against Eggman in any time period.
Sonic CD got a surprise welcome in Japan where Sonic had always been moderately successful,the game sold about 6.1 million copies there alone and hit #1 right ahead of Yoshi's Adventure"(Yoshi's Safari) interesting because Yoshi is very popluar in Japan and in the U.K. the game sold well.
But in the U.S., Tom Kanliske V.P of Sega Of America's marketing decided that the music should been changed since j-pop was unpopluar there and after unveiling Sonic CD to Americans at a press conference on September 23, commissions Spencer Neilson to change the j-pop soundtrack to a rock n' roll type soundtrack with the help of Pacishe( I can't spell thier name) a pop trio from San Fransicso.
Despite the fact that the music had been changed because Americans did not yet understand Japanese culture, sonic CD was released on November 23,1993(not Nov 19)the same day as Sonic Spinball and Sonic Chaos. Nevertheless despite being underpromoted by SEGA of America, Sonic CD sales were high in the the U.S. because anything bearing his name ensured strong sales at the time totaling sales of copies in the U.S. to 3.1 million.
Though Sonic CD was the killer app that the SEGA CD needed it didn't save the SEGA CD which suffered an untimely death due to declining interest from SOA themselves and the release of another add-on the disaster known as the "SEGA 32X". Sonic CD is an excellent game and one of the best games of all time because of its orignality and addictiveness and balance that's why it ranks #2 on the countdown. Score 10.
#1. Super Mario Bros. 3. System: Nintendo Entertainment System. Publisher: Nintendo. Release: November 11,1988(Japan) May 18,1989(U.S.) Febraury 12,1990(U.K.)
This is it folks! We have reached the top! The #1 greatest game ever, a game that not only made Mario a household name but broke records that had never been broken before, what Nintendo called "Mario's biggest adventure yet!" I'm talking about SUPER MARIO BROS. 3!
Most of you don't know that this that Mario 3. was released sereval months after the lackluster SMB2. The project begin in 1987 two years after SMB hit America, when Miyamoto opted to make the biggest Mario game at the time ever after Super Mario Doki was met with critical reviews. Mario 3. was kept secret until the summer of 1988 when Super Mario Bros. 3 was first annouced at the Summer CES show in Seattle,Wa.
Nintendo didn't show any screenshots but it did exist and was released in Japan in November 1988 around that time Nintendo released "Zelda II" and "Mario 2" in the U.S. within a week of eachother, Zelda II was praised and went blockbuster and Mario 2 was critized and didn't go platnium. Mario 3. itself was a hard game the Japanese version, I mean.
Fearing that the game would be panned, Nintendo had it completly altered and unveiled it in the 1988 holiday film "The Wizard". And in 1989 surprised everyone by annoucing that Mario 3. was completed and would be shipping in the spring of 1989 with no delays at all. The game was first playable at the Winter CES show in Feb '89 in Las Vegas,NV and during this time Nintendo pulled off the biggest ad campaign in the history of video games.
Offering a Mcdonalds happy meal promotion, a $10 rebate at KayBee Toys and ToysRUs and unveiling the T.V. ad for Mario 3. during the 3rd annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on April 29,1989 when in the ad everybody in the world chanted "Mario,Mario!"
After months of hype and a ship date of Thursday May 18,1989 "Mario 3hursday", Super Mario Bros. 3 was released on May 18,1989. If you've never played SMB3 before you are in for the ride of your life! You start off in a map and must complete the levels and get to the castle, you can fly! Just by collecting a leaf where your a mushroom, the leaf turns you into "Racoon Mario" who can fly by gaining thrust and can "wack the crap" out of enemies! You can also pick up a shell and throw it at a question block or you can kick the shell!
There are loads of secrets in Mario 3. more than any other Mario game even more than the SNES version of SMW! Okay Okay I've ranted enough about how perfect SMB3 is I'm now going to get to the story. Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, again! And this time King Koopa has 7 bratty little kids who've stolen the magic wards from the kings in the lands of the "Mushroom Kingdom" it's up to Mario or Luigi to save the kings and Peach.
There are 8 worlds and each world has a mushroom house a a hidden white one, spade card for extra lives, a hidden "N" card for items you win by match them up, a fortress that blocks the passageway, a pipe shortcut or two and a flying airship that's hidden in a castle.
Want more praise about Mario 3? How about benig able to warp to any world anytime, all you have to do is blow the magic whistle and Warp! Another cool thing about SMB3 is the level desing, it changes ever world and get more and more innovatitve.
Also if you beat a world, you are awarded a special prize! A letter from princess Peach with an item! Except in world 7. Want more secrets? Go to and look for the "Ed the Moogle" SMB3 document,one more thing than I'll get to the point. Once you beat the final world you are awarded 28 P-wings!
So SMB3 is a game that I can't describe, it's beyond excellent. You'll never tire from playing Mario 3 it's a game that you will get hooked on. Like I said SMB3 is a game that  broke records and made history. Within the first week of it's release in America it sold 850,000 copies it's first week! By the summer of 1989 it had sold 1.7 million! And in 1989 alone sold 7 million! More copies than any other game in history in the U.S. In 1990 a year into it's availibity,SMB3 wad released in Europe and Canada causing the game to sell 8 million in '90. By 1991 SMB3 officially set a world record  as the #1 selling video game of all time with worldwide sales totalling 18.0 million. At this point the NES was unstoppable and Mario's place in history was secured. The re-release on Game Boy Advance in 2003 helped introduce Mario 3 to a new generation of games who were too young in '89,and allowed the older gamers to relive history anytime anywhere. Score 10.

Released in 1989. Super Mario Bros. 3 sold more than 18 million copies worldwide!!!!!!